Laser Cutting Services

Doncaster Laser Services has been manufacturing laser cutting components since 1997. Founded by Managing Director Earl Pinnock the company has expanded rapidly, recently moving to larger premises and currently employs 16 members of staff.

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Amada Press Brake

Amada Press Brake HFE M2 Image

Tthe Amada HFE M2 Press Brake.

This machine is used to bend sheets with accuracy and precision.

The ability to generate accurate bends of specific shapes and sizes, requires a high-tech solution, and that’s what the Amada Press Brake offers.


The press can bend sheets up to 2.5m wide and will press up to 6mm thick steel, making it possible to process a wide variety of sheet materials and thicknesses.

The press brake operates using the latest in computer numerical control technology – the ‘AB-PAD’ touch screen controller, with remote diagnostics capabilities. The controller automatically generates programmes from 2D representations of the work pieces’ and contains editable tool and materials libaries to assist in the programming of specific jobs. The programmes control a 7 axis positioning system permitting accurate and repeatable bends to be formed.

Sheet metal folding

Bent ProfileA service that complements our core business of laser cutting and light manufacturing, the pressing and forming of sheet metal allows us to provide a significantly greater portfolio of services to our customers.

Through the use of the Amada press brake  we fold and form sheet metal, including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. With a bending force of up to 100 tons, the machine has the capacity to process these materials in a wide range of thicknesses.

The press brake is state of the art, allowing us to create shapes to a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. With our comprehensive array of tooling, we can give you exactly the product you want, when you want it.



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